Unique CAD software for Print Design

Rob Manning and his colleague, Bob Hoffman have engineered a proprietary CAD software program for textile, print, and surface design.  Here at the studio, we call this the “Bubble Program”.

We can take any number of motifs consisting of high resolution RGB digital images (graphics, photos, etc.), and within a few moments:

Create a design, in full repeat, and ready to be printed.
Alter colors to specific RGB colors
Repeat any which way (horizontal/vertical 1/2 drop, 1/4, 1/8, etc.)
Alter image sizes (without distorting them!)
Arrange or “toggle” the composition/images an infinite number of ways

This is not an exhaustive list, please have a look at some of the designs created by Rob Manning using this software:

  1. Whats the price of this software?

  2. Hi Morris,

    This is not a consumer product, although that is not an impossibility in the future. It is proprietary software that we’ve engineered here and use internally to create our own designs, and collaborate with clients on customized designs. They send us their “motifs” and/or artwork and we use the software to create designs.


  3. Hi guys, this looks interesting but it’s unclear to me – are you selling the software or a design service using the software?

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Julia, we offer design services using the software, email me, juliette@supersample.com if interested!

  5. do you have knit jersey and knit cotton lycra to print on?

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